We are a new accounting office operating on the Polish market for over a year. However our
company is based on the experience of the Management Board dated from 1991. We specialize in
servicing Polish and foreign companies with various business profiles (capital and personal
companies, sole proprietorship, foundations, branches of foreign enterprises, representative offices, etc.) in the field of accounting, tax, human resources and payroll records.

About us


Our priority is quality of rendered services for which we bear full responsibility and which are individually tailored for our clients to meet their needs and expectations and also to assure tax safety at the same time. To ensure the highest quality of our services, we cooperate with lawyers, tax advisors and expert auditors. In our business activity, as the entity that processes personal data, we use all procedures related to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and strictly follow the principle of maintaining absolute confidentiality of the information and documents which we process.

The activity of our office is covered by obligatory civil liability insurance resulting from governing law. Moreover, we are holders of extended civil liability insurance which significantly exceeds the scope of the basic one.

We ensure full confidentiality of any and all information processed by our staff and thus offer various personal services with full respect to your privacy. Our services are provided using computer hardware and licensed software that complies with the requirements of Accounting and Tax Acts as well as other legal provisions. We also use encrypted external systems for sending and archiving documentation in the electronic version.

Our philosophy is effective work, which is reflected in cooperation with our clients. We serve dozens of enterprises, mainly managed by foreigners.

Our team

Piotr Szarkowski 

Chairman of the Board

Holder of a license entitling to professional bookkeeping, number 6346/97 issued by the Minister of
Finance of the the Republic of Poland

Jakub Szarkowski

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Holder of a licence entitling to professional bookkeeping, number 75819/2019 issued by the C.I.K.
(Accounting Information Center)


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Our goal

Priority of our company is to provide professional accounting, personnel, payroll and administrative services so that the management board of companies can focus only on their current operations.


Main goal of VEPT CONSULTING Sp. z.o.o. is to take off the burden of managing the accounting department from the Board of company interested in our services.


VEPT CONSULTING Sp. z.o.o. appoints a person/persons who have exclusive power of attorney to maintain current contacts and provide the concerned company with up-to-date information on any major changes in Polish tax law, labor law and social security law.


All services are carried out by VEPT CONSULTNG Sp. z.o.o. according to the right understanding and interpretation of the Accounting Act and other tax laws with due


Our price list

Due to the personalized approach to each client, we set prices only after the initial meeting and establishing the mutual expectations of the parties to the contract. The prices of our services depend on the assumed amount of tasks entrusted to us. In major perspective they depend on the amount of source documentation processed, the number of employees and the complexity of the entity’s reporting. Our basic monthly net prices for the smallest entities are:



for simplified bookkeeping (tax revenue and expense ledger)



for complete bookkeeping



for every additional employee on the payroll

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